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Mini Skirt performance downloads - 2nd week

Second week of promotions uploaded: here

This weeks performances include Show Champion, M!Countdown, MuBank, MuCore and Inki. Choreography has changed from MuBank performance onwards.

[INDEX] AOA - Performances (era: Mini Skirt)

Download links to AOA performances that I have uploaded. Join with HJ split for split files.

Files marked with an asterisk (*) are for performances with the original choreography. Those without, are performances with the changed choreography.

Mini Skirt

140116 Mnet M!Countdown *

140117 KBS Music Bank *

140118 MBC Music Core *

140119 SBS Inkigayo *

140122 MBC Show! Champion *

140123 Mnet M!Countdown *

140124 KBS Music Bank

140125 MBC Music Core

140126 SBS Inkigayo

140128 SBS The Show *

140128 Arirang Simply K-Pop

140129 MBC Show! Champion *

140130 Mnet M!Countdown

140131 KBS Music Bank

140201 MBC Music Core

140202 SBS Inkigayo

140204 Arirang Simply K-Pop *

140204 SBS The Show *

140205 MBC Show! Champion

140206 Mnet M!Countdown

140207 KBS Music Bank

140208 MBC Music Core

140209 SBS Inkigayo (1st Win)

140211 Arirang Simply K-Pop *

140211 SBS The Show

140212 MBC Show! Champion

140213 Mnet M!Countdown

140214 KBS Music Bank

140216 SBS Inkigayo

140218 Arirang Simply K-Pop *

cutest little angels on earth, i swear.

Mini Skirt (opinion)

I think everyone and their mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters need to watch the dance practise (regular version) + the acoustic version because I reckon the music video will be quite off putting to people but everything else is sooooooo good and I’m super proud of them not flopping on the charts (so far, let’s keep it up and BREAK EVEN so you can shut your goddamn company up).

That being said…

RISE ON THE CHARTS please, you can only go up from Confused tbh then maybe FNC will be nice and give us an album finally b/c that shit is long overdue and I’m not a patient fan.

tl;dr: dance practise + acoustic version is amazing, mini skirt is amazing and I have a lot of feelings for hyejeong and chanmi, wow. no such thing as a bias right now.

Confused (download)

All live performances have been uploaded from the Confused era.

It can be found here.